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Family Portraits

“You will never know the true value of a photograph until it becomes all you have left.”

There are many reasons why I am so passionate about photographing families! In fact, this was the main reason I started to be interested in photography back in 1980. As a young child, I experienced the loss of my only sister, and as I grew up, I wanted to have a photo of her, but all that my family had of her was one picture as she was photographed in kindergarten class together with more than 30 classmates.

The print of this picture was only 4”x6” in size and is in black and white. My mother asked me if anything could be done to have her picture enlarged, and she said that she’d pay any amount…!
Our family’s most valuable treasure!

Our children grow up and change so fast. Documenting families and their unique relationships is truly a joy for me. Once your children are grown and have children of their own your family portraits will mean more to you than you could possibly imagine, they become your family tree and your precious history.

Upon booking your portrait session with me, I will spend the required time to get to know you, to make you and your family feel comfortable, and will explain some of the techniques I will be using to make everyone feel at ease. It is my aim to bring out the internal as well as the external beauty of each individual. We’ll have fun, but I will treat your portrait session with the greatest respect.

It would be an honour to capture ordinary as well as those very precious moments of your family and preserve them forever.

Hi Lilo
I opened our photos and started to cry as they were so beautiful.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful memories.  Dave and I are both so pleased”.
– Carrie & Dave Kohlruss –

“The pictures on our wall, even when I feel low, can bring such joy to my heart. Those pictures pop and the feeling of love comes through all the time”.
– Rajinder & Bruce –

“Hello Lilo,
We are absolutely thrilled with our family portrait on canvas!!!  You made me [Norma] look better than I really do 🙂  The composition is beautiful and I think you very skillfully captured our personalities”.

“We will truly treasure all of the photos you sent – you have a great gift – and have given us special memories of this time in our lives. Thanks again for a job well done”!
– Norma & Randy –

“Lilo has been wonderfully patient, kindly working with children not very happy about photos, and making it all come together smoothly.  As he has built relationships with each member of the family, all of us have become more comfortable in front of the camera. The product he produces is of the highest quality, and has everyone raving about how beautifully he captured our family”.
– Erin and Matt –

“Lilo has a great ability to not only produce a lovely family portrait, but also one where all of our individual personalities shine through. We have been so pleased with his work and look forward to our next session”!
– Monica and Ryan –

Pricing: Family Portrait Sessions Start at: $450.

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