Studio or On-Location Photography

In Studio Portraits

We have a fully equipped studio with several background types and colour choices. The Studio environment will give us the ultimate control with lightning techniques and background types as well as no dependency on the weather or the time of the day. This set-up will give you a more formal and refined look and style. It is ideal for professional and corporate portraits. It will also work well for personal and discrete portraits as well as pregnancy.

Family & Children Photographer

Outdoors and On-Location Portraiture

Weather permitting, a very wide range of portraits can be created outdoors and/or at a preferred location such as your home or your business environment. The workplace is usually appropriate for professional and corporate type portraits, groups of people, and to showcase your business. Outdoor portraiture is ideal for large families with children as well as pets. Unlike the in-studio environment, we can photograph large families as well as super large groups of people outdoors at a most ideal or desirable location. Business group portraits are usually done in front of your business complex, a conference room, or in a large lobby.

Portrait Photographer
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